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Who Are We?


Laura Matthews

As a young child growing up on rural land, I was always seeking adventure. I could often be found playing in creeks and dams, rigging up swings and going on bush walks.


Whilst studying a Diploma in Early Childhood Education, I completed a practical component in a local daycare. I was surprised to see that they only allowed the children to go outside when the weather was 'nice'. Long days indoors, without the freedom to run, climb and explore, appeared to negatively affect the children's moods, creativity and attention spans. 

After having my daughter's Billie and Sunny, I knew I wanted them to experience the outdoors, taking risks, getting dirty, making friends and creating! I want them to build a life long relationship to mother nature, a relationship they can turn to always. One that will nurture their whole being. This inspired me to create 'Wildhood'; a nature based playgroup and bush kindy, which enables children to spend time in nature, no matter the weather.

Our Vision

At Wildhood, our aim is to provide a safe and nurturing space for children and their families to fully immerse themselves in nature. A space where children have the time and freedom to explore the natural environment and at their own pace. We endeavour to inspire a new generation of nature lovers and advocators, who share a lifelong love and appreciation for the outdoors and our planet earth.

A growing body of research highlights the importance of unstructured nature play for children's healthy development and wellbeing. Regular outdoor play is found to reduce children’s stress and anxiety levels, improve mood and focus, build confidence and promote creativity and problem solving skills. Despite the evidence, today’s children are more disconnected from nature than ever before. 


Richard Louv, author of the international bestselling book; The Last Child in the Woods, describes a modern phenomenon that is plaguing our children, termed ‘nature deficit disorder’. He describes the detrimental impact that this shift indoors is having on our children, causing a range of behavioural and health issues. Some of these include diminished use of the senses, attention difficulties and higher rates of emotional and physical illnesses.


At Wildhood, we are committed to reclaiming outdoor childhood and believe that all children deserve to reap the benefits from regular time spent playing and learning in nature. After all, play is the highest form of research. We believe that all children deserve a wildhood; to climb trees, make mud pies, jump in puddles and dance in the rain. A messy Wildhood full of adventure, wonder and discovery.

Join us, and our village of likeminded families, to take time from your busy lives and reconnect with nature. 

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