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nature playgroup + bush kindy


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Wildhood provides a safe and nurturing space for children to engage in open ended, unstructured nature play.


Our aim is to provide opportunities for children to fully immerse themselves in nature, to ignite a lifelong love for the outdoors.

"I just want to thank you for running this fantastic initiative! I’m doing a PhD in immersive nature play programs and their link to children’s social-emotional wellbeing, so naturally when I heard there was a bush playgroup for little ones, I had to check it out. My boy Argo and I went on Thursday and it was just lovely. As a ‘covid baby’ this has been the first time we’ve attended any sort of play group and I was nervous about how he would respond. I was very happy to see him so immersed in the beautiful experiences provided, in such a beautiful natural environment. I feel it is a great way to get him socialising, as he is very confident out in nature. Thanks so much for creating this program. We will be back for sure!"


"We had the most amazing day at Wildhood playgroup! My 4.5 year old son enjoyed walking around in nature, looking at the creek and doing a nature scavenger hunt (he was so proud that he finished it) and finished the day by sawing a branch in half all by himself! I could see just how stoked he was that he was able to explore these riskier activities in a fun environment. Laura and Lauren were amazing facilitators who worked so well with both the kids and adults to get involved in the play and have a great day!"


"We absolutely loved our first term of Nature Playgroup. My just turned two year old my just turned two year old looked forward to it every week and contstantly asking us if it was "bush playgroup day". He enjoyed all the different activities set up by Laura each week, and his favourite things were bug hunting and visiting the creek to float the wooden boats. Thank you so much for facilitating such a great experience, we highly recommend it to everyone with little ones."


"You've created such a beautiful experience for these kids. Truely. I love how each week you come up with a central experience you hope each child will interact with but are totally fine if they don't. I love how you allow kids to be creative and constructive. To appreciate the smaller things, to take risks and you invite curiosity. I've seen a difference in the way my daughter is curious about nature that I haven't before coming to playgroup. She's applying her experiences with you, at home and our interactions with wildlife and plants. She is interacting with every activity and is giving everything a go and when there are other kids who are just as keen as her but aren't aware she's waiting, I love how you can see that and make sure she isn't left out. You are so gentle, observant and kind. I love your activities but I think YOU and your appraoch to kids and families make it even better. Please know that you and your program are amazing"



Reviews from our Wildhood Families

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